"Art Course in Basic Brush Control, Layout, Design and Graphics"

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      Offfered by: James Chastain, 50+ year veteran Sign Artist and Fabricator    





    I will show you the basics of how to create a professional sign.            

   The correct materials for fabricating and where to  find them.             

    Choosing color combinations, proper paints and where to obtain them.   

     How to choose  from the many letter styles (fonts) to make your signs.


 Be creative during the learning curve of freehand sign lettering and see the benefit over cut out vinyl letters.

 You can express you art form on walls, trucks, vans, racecars, or any commercial  signage.

Sign "PAINTING" is definately a dying art and you will be one of the few to carry on the tradition

 of this art form if you love2draw!


          Special Offer


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Sample Free Lessons
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 Pictures of some signs I painted


















When you get this set of lessons, you have automatically
saved countless hours trying to figure out where to start.

I have covered everything to get you well on your way,
but there is no way of telling you everything I know about
signs. I have over 50 years of experience and it covers a
lot of issues, but in your conformation e-mail I included
a support link if you have questions on anything!
In most cases people just want to sell and be
through with you , but I realize learning to paint signs goes a
lot further and you will need continued support!

 So go ahead and get started today with something you
 have always wanted to do and make that extra cash,
you will not regret the few bucks it cost!

Limited Time

Was $29=You save 50%, If you order now!

today is only








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